How to Ease into MONDAYS

Being a nursing student and full-time Mom, I have a ton of things to do in order to get ready for the week. I find myself on a Sunday night, laying in bed making a run down of my to-do list.

But first I have to organize my thoughts and ease into my Mondays by doing a few things. The night before….

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Tip #1: I Pray

This is by far the best tip I can give and start this process with. Relying on my faith has gotten me so far on this busy journey of mine. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I simply say a quick prayer and my mind set is easily shifted. My thoughts are clear and clarity comes forth.

Tip #2: Write a To-Do List

Seeing all my task on paper holds me accountable and puts a fire boost in me to get this agenda tackled. I start with the most important thing that has to be accomplished for the day.

Can you guess my #1 accomplishment for the day!? ……homework……going to work……laundry????

If you couldn’t guess…..I’ll just tell ya! It’s making sure my daughter understands and know how much I love and adore her. It’s very important for me to teach her the value of our relationship and the importance of one another to each other. She is an awesomely-smart kid and she must know that Mommie loves her very much.

Then here comes

* going to work 6-2

* carpool for school am/pm

* helping her complete her homework

* making dinner (while we talk about our day)

* eat together

* story time

* prayers/talk with God

* bedtime (7:30pm)

* completing my 4-6 homework assignments

* shower

* bedtime for me

Tip #3: Organize tasks according to your day schedule.

Be sure to arrange any tasks that can be grouped together, tie them into one another. It will save you valuable time. ((And gas)) For instances if your job is by task A….go do that task first. Then task B and D are close to your home, knock those out on your way home. Include task C on the way to B & D. By the end of the day all tasks are done with purpose!

Tip #4: Stick to the to-do list you made in tip #2.

Why make a list and not let it serve it’s purpose. I make a list to keep up with myself! Because with everything I have going on I can easily forget something. Referring back to the do list, changes my life daily. I keep up with what’s going on and no task goes undone ((sometimes)).

Tip #5: Understand that everything may not get done and that there is always a tomorrow.

I can be honest, right! I find myself not completing all my homework assignments for the day but I understand that the assignments aren’t really due until Sunday. So I have plenty of time to do them but I just like the pressure on my brain. NOT!!!!

I apply the pressure because life sometimes likes to throw limes instead of lemons. So in order for me to be able to sip on my lemonade, I make sure my tasks are completed in a timely manner.

I hope that my words and advice reached who it’s intended for. But for today I can only pray that me words heal and my looks don’t kill. Walk light, my friends

Yours Truly,

Kara Shenee’ xoxo


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