Unlearn to Relearn

Today is the day that I will stop doing life as I always have. Waking up everyday….pointless. Going to work, school, and raising my daughter. With no self care or attention to self.

Well I can’t say necessarily pointless, I mean I have an amazing little girl, a full time job, and attending Nursing School. So I guess you can say I have a lot of points to connect on a daily bases. But I what I intended to say was, starting right here right now, my sole point to make in life is focusing on my higher self! Becoming the Queen Kara B(ush) in charge of her own flight to her higher power.

Just a little back end story, at the end of 2016 I meet one of Jonai’s best friends Mom. And we were talking about men and everything of that nature. And when she came to respond to me she told me I sounded “confused about my life” and “I didn’t understand my power”. Hmmmm makes you think doesn’t it. I had no clue, trust me!

Fast forward to now April 4, 2019 and those words has never left my mind. Talk about the power of words. They stick to you like glue if their meant for your healing. And those words were told to me because The Most High knew I needed to hear those exact words to elevate myself. My daughter. My life. My kingdom that is soon coming, lead by my King.

So today I start my journey to my higher self. I’m not reading anymore books or talking my thoughts to anyone. I will read myself and meditation will be my listening ear. No one else! So good bye Kara Shenee Brown. And hello to the Queen The Most High needs me to be. Unlearn to Relearn! Thank you to the one who lead me to me!


Avocado Egg Toast

One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast! On this Thursday morning I’m having Avocado Egg Toast! I’m preparing my body for the Fit Girls Guide fitness program on Instagram! So I’m making sure I eat a balance breakfast as much as possible. And I’m washing this hearty meal with water of course.

You’ll Need:

2 slices of Ezekiel Bread (Traders Joes)

2 fried eggs

1 avocado half

Sprinkle of Everything but the Bagel Seasoning and Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

This is very filling and a healthy way to start my day!!!

How to Avoid CNA Burnout

Hi guys!

Welcome back to the blog! Its January 1, 2019! Ahhhhhhh!!! So crazy right! 2018 was definitely a year of change and growth for me. To bring in the New Year I did a self evaluation. And the first obstacle that came to mind was my career field. Some of you may know that I am in Nursing School and I work as an CNA! I’ve been one for almost 9 years now and at the end of 2018 I started to look at my career field differently. I pretty much hated my job and was becoming burned out! So I came with up some tips that helped change my mood…..FAST!

Tip #1:

Take some “Me Time”

  1. The day I decided to put myself first was the day my life changed for the better. I’ve decided to have one full day of Rest, no homework or work. PERIOD

2. Mask my face 3-4 times a week because that’s what relaxes me.

3. Pray every morning and night.

4. Write out my day and also what happens throughout my day. Then reflect back on it.

5. Start to be more consistent with my Blog because that’s also another way I can express my self.

5. Spend time with my daughter because she makes me ultimately the happiest!

Tip #2

Make your health your priority.

1. I decided to dedicate the next 10 years of my life to improving my health overall. I understand that by doing this my whole life will change. I’ll have more energy, increased moods and prove to my self that I can be consistent.

2. Drink 4 bottles of water when I’m at work. I work 6-2 and all the lifting and rolling over patients can take a toll on a CNA’s body. But by drinking water through out my shift my body functions happily and not against me!

3. Bring healthy snacks and lunch to work. Maybe a salad, sandwich and always water as my drink. I have cut out the habit of going to the vending machine for energy now I just drink a bottle water, then energy is instantly restored.

4. Understand that your health is your wealth.

Tip #4

Seek emotional support

When you are emotional balanced your whole life will circle into completion. You can balance your emotions by looking at situations and obstacles for what they are. Do not over think it or put your feelings into anything if they are not required. When we allow our feelings to be involved we start to lose sight on what’s important.

📌Know who are.

📌Say what you mean.

📌Do what you want.

Another way to balance your emotions is by writing out how your feeling. If something good or bad happens to you write it out. It brings it to sight and then your allowed to feel out loud.

Tip #4 Stay Informed

Keep up with yourself instead of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Stay informed to what’s going on around you and how the information can change or affect your life. Being informed is the best gift anyone can give their self. When you know…you grow! So let’s go!!!

Tip #5 Look for time savers

This can be the best way to save your CNA life. While working look for ways your time can be cut down instead of over working or backtracking.

For instance when I first enter into my shift I immediately check my showers and organize my meal tickets for the patients. I start my showers then change patients bed linen. By the time I look up it’s already time to serve breakfast. Meal tickets have already been organized at the beginning of shift so it’s easier to serve my patients.

Also make it early to your shift so you can get a head start on your daily tasks. If your shift starts at 6 am come in at 5:30 am to get things going for yourself. When your able to get a head start on your tasks it allows for you to prepare and setup your day before patients awake and start to need you.

If you decide to follow the above tips you will see a change in how you feel about CNA position.

P.S. Start to look at your job as an investment instead of an entitlement. We all owe ourselves the freedom that our jobs can bring. I’ll further this P.S. on a later blog post!

Happy New Year guys! 2019

Happy 9th Birthday Zenna

Today my daughter and I had the pleasure of spending time with an amazing little girl and help celebrate her 9 years of life!!! We enjoyed a night out at the roller rink and we skated the night away! We had the best time of our life! Here are some pictures….

Here are my top 5 reasons I enjoy skating!

1)Burns calories

2)Makes your legs stronger

3)Burns energy

4)Great method to get your workout in

5)It’s fun!

When we came home tonight my daughter was pooped! She is fast asleep while I write this and edit the video for our YouTube channel! Link down below!


Happy Friday Gang!!!!

Taco Tuesday

The other night my daughter decided she wanted to do a taco bar for dinner. She asked, “Mom I’m feeling festive let’s do a taco bar for dinner.” My reply, “sure princess anything for you.” My twin sister cooked the meat while Jonai carefully prepared the table with bowls, spoons and all the condiments. Jonai did an awesome job with the set up and I was so proud of her. Here’s a pics!

She also vlogged a mini video! I’ll post it shortly over on the channel! Find me on YouTube as LifewithKaraB (all one word)! And also Instagram @lifewithkarab